Welcome to the home of Chinese Toolbox, an innovative tool for learning Mandarin, and Toolbox Coding containing information about the consulting services of Aaron Todd Sherrill.

After a very long respite (like four years), Chinese Toolbox development is rolling again. During much of this time, I’ve worked primarily as an ASP.Net developer for consulting and financial management companies in North Carolina. I am looking forward to applying the skills I’ve gained to creating mobile apps that compliment Chinese Toolbox, adding, in particular, the ability to take your Chinese learning with you.

CT-13-1-0-4-reducedActually, some development of Chinese Toolbox has progressed during this time. Now that development has resumed, the first task is to correct a problem with the previous release ( that surfaced in mid-2017, causing a “Serious Error” message to be displayed at startup. Changes in my server were made by the hosting company that caused HTTP communications between Chinese Toolbox and the server to fail. So this month I have released a fix based on the CT source code which corrects the error.

I am looking forward to a major new release of Chinese Toolbox this year, so please do wish me luck! By the way, all of the Facebook Likes over the last year or two have been very encouraging. Thanks to my friends in India!




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