Installing Chinese Toolbox

The Short of It

With this release, a code signing certificate is not included in the installer. What this means is that you will see a couple “unrecognized app” messages when you begin the installation.

I have been publishing Chinese Toolbox releases for over 10 years, since 2007, so hopefully I’ve established a certain degree of trust with the Chinese-learning community. The code signing certificate is an extra expense that seems to be unnecessary in this case, especially considering that there is no charge for using Chinese Toolbox. If you would like to use Chinese Toolbox, then the hoops that you need to jump through to install the program are minor. If the feedback on this issue is significant, I’ll incorporate code signing into a future pay version.

Also, I have included MD5 checksums for downloadable files on the Download page. If you are concerned, use an MD5 checksum utility to verify your downloaded Chinese Toolbox installer before beginning the installation.

The Whole Kit and Caboodle

This example installation is done on Windows 10 using Internet Explorer 11.

















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Chinese Toolbox and Toolbox Coding

especially the new Chinese Toolbox

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