Business owner & manager, software engineer & developer, analyst, marketing & support specialist, technical writer, teacher.

Hello. My name is Aaron Todd Sherrill, but most simply call me Todd. Welcome to my career and consulting site with information about myself and services that I provide. Since 1986, I have lived and worked mostly in Taiwan and speak nearly fluent Mandarin. Currently, I work as a software developer/contractor with companies in North Carolina, and as of February 2018 I’m beginning to explore the job market again. I’m particularly interested utilizing my Mandarin skills, and I’m also interest in the north west region of the US (Seattle, WA).

If you need more information about me and what I do, check out my formal resume and personal history page. These should provide plenty of information for you to begin to get to know me. To schedule an interview, please email me (atsherrill at or


作家、教 師。

歡迎你來到我的網站。這些職稱概括非常寬廣 25 年的職業生涯。幾乎 20 年,我住在台灣每天用漢語溝通。

參考我的履歷表和歷史網頁,你就可以開始認識我。大部分的網 站內容還是英文,有空我會用中文寫下來我的目標和需求。

關於職業生涯,我願意考慮另一個方向。目標是可以用中英文 的能力解決複雜溝通和科技的問題。我的中文還不是完美,但是溝通、 講話、用電腦寫字不是一個問題。



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Todd Sherrill at Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan



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